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Each university determines the rules for writing coursework. Sometimes these rules are made in the form of guidelines. And sometimes there are no coursework guides. In any case, the work must begin with a general concept, i.e. with the development of the structure of the course. If you feel that you are not ready to write a term paper, then do not torture yourself and do not waste your nerves. Just order from professionals. Course work to order usually cost about 2 thousand rubles. Just before ordering check the quality of the company. And be sure to sign a written contract. Plan coursework depends primarily on the topic. However, the slogan “Theme decides everything!” Does not pass here.

There is a rule coursework with practice or coursework without practice. If the course without practice, purely theoretical the plan is determined solely by the topic. If the coursework with practice, then the work must necessarily have a practical part. In this case, in terms of coursework, only the theoretical part directly depends on the topic, and the plan of the practical part is usually determined by the rules and requirements of the department. In general, the course plan includes: introduction, several chapters, conclusion, bibliography, applications. Applications even in the course with practice are not always. Chapters are divided into purely theoretical and practical. In a purely theoretical course plan usually includes 2-4 chapters.

The first chapter provides definitions and concepts. Subsequent chapters more and more narrow the area of ​​consideration, substantively examining the individual elements of the theme of the course. If there should be practice, then in terms of the coursework, most often only one theoretical chapter is the first. The transition from definitions and general overview to the specific problems of the topic is already carried out in the framework of the paragraphs of the first chapter. The second chapter is analytical. Usually, a particular enterprise (or industry) is considered an overview, a characteristic, if necessary, and a special analysis (SWOT analysis, financial analysis, etc.). The third chapter is design. It proposes measures for improvement, modernization, improvement, etc., with an assessment of the effectiveness of these proposals. Not all coursework with practice are based on the above three-term plan.

Coursework in psychology usually have a plan of only two chapters. In terms of such a course, the first chapter is a theory, the second chapter is an experimental one, i.e. practical. A slightly different plan for the MBA coursework system. In course MBA, if they are with practice, often the theoretical part is not at all. But then usually the course plan is regulated by a special training manual. In a formalized form, the structure of the course work is a plan. Structurally, any course work should contain: introduction, several chapters, conclusion, list of references, applications (if necessary). These are the most common requirements for the structure of coursework. Introduction shows the relevance of the topic (or its scientific interest), the goal, the tasks that should be solved to achieve the stated goal of the course, the object and subject of research is determined, a brief description of the structure of the course and the literature used in it is given.