How to make a resume

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Not less important question how to write a conclusion to the course work. If you made conclusions at the end of each chapter, then writing an introduction will not be difficult for you just put them together, adding your vision of the future development of the problem. Next is written the main part, consisting, as a rule, of three chapters: theoretical, analytical and practical. At the end of each chapter it is necessary to draw a conclusion. How to write a conclusion in the course? It is necessary in a few sentences to highlight the essence of the material presented in the chapter, making a smooth transition to the next chapter.

For example, at the end of the analytical part “After analyzing the current state and identifying the main problems of the tax system of Russia at the moment, we can offer some solutions. This issue is devoted to the third chapter of the course work Do not forget to write a list of references in which indicate which sources you used. Literature should be no later than 3 years old edition, on some topics even more new. One of the main questions is how to arrange coursework, in what type to write a term paper, etc. Read more about this can be found here, this article does not consider the issue of coursework. The most important thing is to force yourself to sit down and start writing. Self-organization is very important. Creating a term paper begins with thinking about the topic, so that there is an incentive to think about it, the term paper should be interesting.

Choose topics that you like, and not ones that your supervisor throws at you. Usually, the supervisor goes to meet his students and allows themselves to invent or redo their topics of coursework for their own interests. If you are interested in the topic, the brain itself will begin to process it. Think in what way your work will be written, what position you will take in it as an author, what you want to say or prove with your work, how many chapters there will be, and so on. The easiest way to start writing a term paper is to make a plan. Make a rough content, and you will already have a full page of your student. First, the title page with the name of the institution, the name of the department and specialty. In the center of the title page the name of the course work is indicated, on the right there is the name of the student and the full name of the supervisor with the obligatory indication of his regalia. At the bottom of the title page is written the city and year of work.

After the title page is a table of contents. Learn how to make automatic table of contents in a text editor Microsoft Word, then you do not have to manually check page numbers, change headings and subtitles. Then comes the “introduction”. It writes the main purpose of the work, the tasks and methods of research, literature, the relevance of the topic being studied, scientific novelty. The introduction introduces the reader to the topic course, that is, what this work will be about and what to expect from it. Usually the introduction consists of 3-4 pages.