How to put related coursework on resume

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In the term paper it is necessary to justify (or prove) the idea that you selected. To do this correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the main literature on the topic and navigate the problematic. Here you will have to really use your analytical skills for the first time. Acquaintance with the literature usually begins with viewing your own essays on the selected topic, and then the new material relating to the problem under study. The study of new scientific sources makes a new look at the studied subject. As you already understood when writing essays, any topic has a main source that must be thoroughly studied. The source is published in accordance with academic requirements, therefore, must be present introductory, concluding article and commentary. The author of the introduction, as a rule, is one of the main specialists on this issue, and in the comments you can learn a lot of interesting things about other authors. Then you need to go to the library and read some publication of this author.

There will certainly be many footnotes to monographs and articles on the subject of interest to you. Write them down and check for availability in the library. At the same time, it does not prevent to write out the main ideas contained in them. The main thing for you the differences of the authors. You can always find two points of view on the subject and the main stages of its research. Next comes the turn of the catalog: you have to find the appropriate section and view the cards. There you can also find the necessary books and add them to your own card file, which is not only useful for writing term papers, but also saves time in subsequent studies.

Now, having found out the minimum, you can go for a consultation and talk with the teacher on the topic of coursework. You can name the problems solved by scientists, and show your awareness in them. Most of all, the teacher loves not even the knowledge of his own works, but an understanding of the complexity of the problem he is interested in and the differences in the approaches to its solution. Of course, out of a large number of titles of works recorded by you, no more than a third will remain. If the teacher is not a beginner, he will never give you a topic that can be written off from somewhere. And this means that it is necessary to work not with such a large array of literature. So, the task is to write the course. And, it seems, they even wrote, they did it. But the course, in addition to being written, must also be passed. And sometimes coursework is also required to protect! But all this later, first pass.

Here comes to the fore the problem of design. The appearance of a term paper is much more serious than it might seem at first glance. There are a lot of cases when the manager wrapped up the work without reading just by looking at the appearance. With diplomas, this almost does not happen, and coursework, it would seem, for the mere formalities, “wrap” very often. The first thing the manager looks at is the general view of the pages. The page appearance is determined by the font, its size (size), spacing and margins. The most common parameters when writing coursework: font TimesNewRoman, size 14, spacing 1.5, margins: left 3, right 1.5, upper and lower 2 cm. With these parameters on the page fits about 1500 black signs with 30 lines, which corresponds to the “standard typewritten page” (if printed on an old mechanical typewriter with double space). The main text should be located “on the width of the page”; paragraphs are marked with a red line.